We have listed this years 2020 discount postage rates below by service and delivery time. We would be happy to make recommendations based on your company’s delivery needs 801-610-1850.


MintFulfill includes $50 of insurance on any of these services below to members of the SILVER plan.  Members of the GOLD plan can get insurance up to $100,000 per package on select products.


USPS Rates
2020 Discount USPS First Class Postage rates offered by MintFulfill

USPS Priority Mail Cubic and 2-3 day Priority Mail 2020 Discount Postage rates offered by MintFulfill

Ground (5-10 day)
Xparcel Ground is the MintFulfill service that utilizes carriers like DHL, FirstMile Express, USPS FirstClass, etc... to provide the cheapest discount postage rates for 2020. This service take 5-10 business days for delivery.
Expedited (3-5 Day)
2020 Xparcel Expedited discounted Shipping rates from MintFulfill. This is a DHL delivery share program that MintFUlfill clients can take advantage of.
FedEx Ground rates are available through MintFulfill for larger packages and boxes. Please inquire directly for these rates.

If your item(s) fit inside these packages then you can enjoy a flat rate with FAST shipping to anywhere in the US including Hawaii and Alaska.

FedEx One Rate pricing through MintFulfill

UPS Discounts

Coming Soon

UPS is transitioning over their 2019 rates to 2020. We will update these rates soon.

DHL MAX (2-3 Day)

Coming Soon

DHL is updating their 2020. We will display the discount rates soon.

International Rates

International Shipping Rates to Specific Countries

Please click here to view the postage options to different countries. On the spreadsheet you can click the tabs at the bottom for the different shipping services. Here are some further details for some of the different DHL services:

  • Packet Priority: A very economical option and moves fairly quick. The downside is that there are no tracking scans. You will typically see a scan when it hits the destination country but nothing after that. You would not have a delivery notification.
  • Parcel Priority: This service gives you 95% scanning and is faster than packet. This is a DDU option only which means, the end customer pays the duties and taxes if they are applicable and applied.
  • Parcel Direct: This service is the most reliable by DHL and only goes to the main eCommerce countries. It has a DDU (Deliveries Duty Unpaid) and DDP (Deliveries Duty Paid) option.

Click Here for International Shipping Rates from DHL

BOOKS: Discount Rates for Shipping Books

Get discounted Rates for Shipping Books

MintFulfill has negotiated discounted rates through DHL for Permanently Bound Books. You can see the rates below and choose between the Ground & Expedited rates. We are your fulfillment center for shipping Books.

Ground Shipping for Books. Get Discounted Shipping rates when shipping permanently bound books

Get Expedited shipping for your books and other permanently bound paper goods. MintFulfill is your 3PL for Books.

USA Zone Map

MintFulfill Domestic Zone Map