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Jurijs Spalvens with Jeavia Limited

“Quick processing time, excellent communication. The customers are receiving products on timely manner. If there are any issues, like lost in transit/damaged during transportation, fulfilment resolves the problem very quickly. Excellent service. Price range suitable for different business purposes.”

Jerome with Pontiac Eleven

We first came to MintFulfill because we needed specialized 3PL for high value goods. We have really liked the personalized service, and the readiness to accommodate my business needs. MintFulfill helps me focus on my core competencies and delegate fulfillment to the experts. This both improves service to customers and at the same time reduces costs and allows my business to scale more easily. I can 100% recommend MintFulfill to businesses that have similar specialized needs. I am very happy about the onboarding process, and they got me up to speed quickly. I credit this to the person service MintFulfill provided to us.

John Lee with Better Neck

“MintFulfill offers fast shipping to my customers, and they have greatly improved the customer experience for my customers, resulting in lots of repeat purchases. They also provide fast and easy communication, as well as simple systems to use.”

Allison Huish with Holistic Oils

“I was prompted to use MintFulfill because I knew you guys were honest, I also appreciated the individual support I felt I would receive. Especially through my glitches, my mistakes. MintFulfill helps me achieve my goals because you ship very quickly which is much needed and appreciated. You guys are great. I’m so glad I decided to partner with your company. I couldn’t ask for better service or support.”

Oliver with Infinittum

“In the past, I have been with 5 other companies and all of them had BIG hidden fees that made my business unprofitable. That is not something that MintFulfill does. MintFulfill is also very quick in shipping my orders, responding to my questions, and they are always very transparent. Additionally, 100% of my customers love receiving their tracking numbers the day after placing their orders.”

Chris Rager with IAMACOMEBACK

“MintFulfill has been nice to work with because they are a smaller company, and they are easy to get in touch with. I enjoy being able to talk to real people in the company to have my questions answered and any problems solved. MintFulfill does a great job with my fulfillment needs and it takes the load off of me entirely”

Jay with TL International

“I started a website and my sales boomed, and I didn’t want to pay a fulfillment center to do something I could do for myself. So, I was one of those proactive entrepreneurs that started doing my own shipping and fulfillment so I could save money. It wasn’t long before I noticed that my sales were seriously suffering because I was focused on shipping supplies when I should have been scaling my advertising and product development. I called about 4 different places before I decided on MintFulfill. I chose them because they don’t charge me any hidden fees, and they are as focused on customer satisfaction as I am. The mint is such a nice touch! No fulfillment center that I know of focusses their entire process around making my customers happy. Can’t say enough good about this company.”

Pascal Le Maréchal with NOVAA Labs

“Low minimum order quantity and good service. Every special request is answered, like bundles and other special fulfillments. MintFulfill helps me achieve all my goals for a fulfillment service.”

Aprile Araneta with Orblue

“We are satisfied with you service and we are happy because we are able to save money compared to the other company we are using.”

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