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Viewing Inventory

To view your return receipt, navigate to Receipts and click Find Receipts
All open receipts will be listed on the right by default. The tools on the left can be used to sort through the open receipts.
Date Search
The Filter By dropdown can be used to Creation Date, Expected Date, and Arrival Date
Below that, you can insert your desired date range to view receipts from a specific range.
Receipt Details
Receipt Status can be set to All, Open (all), Open (not Complete), Open (Complete), Closed, and Canceled.
Any open orders (whether complete or incomplete) have not yet been received in the system by our warehouse.
Inventory Receipts marked as Closed have been received into the system and Canceled means nothing has been received into inventory.
If you know a specific Reference ID you can use that to search for the specific number.
Transaction Number

If you know Transaction Number, you can search for it specifically in this section.