One of the key elements to the fulfillment process is sending your inventory to the MintFulfill warehouse. We can easily accept shipments directly from your domestic and international suppliers without you having to deal with the hassle. We do Not charge to Receive your inventory, as long as the Guidelines on this page are exactly followed. Carefully read and follow each step so your inventory can be quickly and accuratly received:

Step One

Send Inventory to:

(Your Company Name)
c/o MintFulfill
1374 W. 400 S.
Orem, UT 84058, USA
(Phone: 801-610-1850)

You Can arrange shipment directly from your supplier to our warehouse. Be sure to instruct them of these packaging procedures.

Each product or carton needs to be clearly labeled with the SKU/Barcode information.


Step 2

Notify MintFulfill of Shipment

You must send MintFulfill the following information Prior to the shipment being delivered:

  • Pallet Numbers (If Applicable)
  • Box Numbers
  • Quantity of Parts (SKU) per box

Failure to send these shipment details to MintFulfill will result in a $25 /hr Receiving Fee.

View Receiving Template

Step 3

Receive the Inventory

Upon Arrival, MintFulfill will count and verify 25% of the shipment for accuracy. If everything matches, then the remainder is assumed to be correct and will be placed in the warehouse. Although, if discrepancies or noticible damage are found further investigation will be required and is billed at $25 /hr. Please allow 1-2 business days to receive most shipments.

Advance Ship Notice

Please submit the details of your inbound shipment to us by one of the following two methods.

Use this Form to Notify us of your InBound Shipments

Receiving Order Form


This MUST match your product listings. The Product's unique SKU Code is what we use in our warehouse to identify products.

Or Fill Out this Downloadable Excel Document

Download the Receiving Form

This is a downloadable CSV file that can be filled in with the details of your shipment and sent to us.