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Warehouse Inventory Sale

Join the Warehouse Sale
Let us Liquidate your Inventory and turn it into Cash.

We are holding an In-Person warehouse sale where our clients can feature their products for sale. We advertise for the event and perform all of the selling functions for the products. All you need to do is tell us which products you want to sell and what quantity is available. There is no guarantee that the products will sell, but we aim to provide the most exposure possible to your items.


Tell us what product(s) you would like us to help you sell. You can set your quantity to allocate towards the sale, as well as the price that you want to sell the product(s).
Complete the Form below and enter the details of which product(s) you want us to sell.

The cost to enter the warehouse sale is $50 per company + 20% of all sales. We will cover all warehouse expenses plus all other fees such as merchant services, advertising, etc.

The $50 will be waived if the total sales is greater than $500.

MintFulfill will keep a record of all items sold, and can either offer a credit on your account, or send a payment to you via a check, PayPal, or Payoneer.

The question here is, “How Low can you Go?”

The purpose of this sale is to help clear out your old or extra inventory and convert that to cash. Your Dead inventory is extremely Costly to your bottom line and our goal is to help.

We would advise putting these items at the lowest price you can, in order to increase the chances of your items selling. If possible we recommend selling at your wholesale cost or lower. That may sound crazy, but not only are you reducing your storage costs and overhead, but you are gaining back cashflow into your business. Not to mention with every sale you are advertising your brand.

No. While MintFulfill will do what we can to help with sales, there is no guarantee that your products will sell.

Any products will be put back into inventory. MintFulfill is also working on a discounted website that will be available at a future date. Your products may be eligible to include on this website.
All items need to be submitted by November 12. Any submissions after that date may not be eligible.
Please fill out the included survey to let us know if you are interested in participating in this sale or not.

Please fill out the included survey to let us know if you are interested in participating in this sale or not.

Warehouse Inventory Sale
Are you interested in participating in MintFulfill's Warehouse Inventory Sale?
I understand that 20% of sales will go to MintFulfill to sell my products.
I understand that by entering my product(s) into this sale, MintFulfill will do what they can to push sales, but it is not guaranteed that my product(s) will sell.


Maximum upload size: 268.44MB
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